Whether it's a musical score for a documentary, sound effects for your indie film,  a sound mix for your extreme sports piece, a voice over for your audio book,

Mirrors Audio covers it all.

Get in touch and let's see how I can help you deliver an outstanding Project.



Composition Services - Custom made scores for your Film, licensing of already released personal material, edit's of pre-existing licensed songs.

The right music is absolutely vital for any well rounded film or visual piece. Even the best concepts with stunning cinematography, beautiful vistas and amazing characters can fall flat if the music misses the mark. If you're after an ambient synth driven track, a hip hop banger, an indie rock n roll jam, a classically styled composition, or any sort of musical adventure, I’m your man. I love to break genres and re-mould them into whatever is needed to make your project better.



Post Production

Post Production Services - Mixing, Mastering, Sound fx, Foley

Getting your project professionally mixed and mastered is essential for any piece of work to stand out from the rest. Adding Sound effects and Foley is also a great way to boost the visual and add sonic texture, whether it be creatively or literal.




VO - Services - Recording of VO's, editing VO's and sourcing appropriate Voices and dialog.

Recording a great VO is an art form on its own. Making sure the delivery is on point, the emotion is just right, as well as making sure the actual audio content is of high quality. With my arsenal of the highest quality mics and pre amps I can deliver amazing results for your project. We even have a few Vocal talents here in Wanaka if needed.



Studio Equipment

Mac Pro “Dustbin” 3.0GHz 8-core 64GB RAM
Macbook pro 2.9GHz intel core i7 16GB RAM
RME UFX sound card

Pro Tools 12
Ableton Live
Plugins Galore!!

Genelec 8040A monitors and 7060B sub
Yamaha NS10s

AKG C414 x 2
Vanguard V13
Vanguard V44S
Shure sm57 x 2
Shure sm58 x 2
Rode NT1A x 2

Mic Preamps
Universal Audio LA610 mkII x 2
API 512C x 2
Chandler limited Germanium Pre


Roland Juno 60
Roland SH101
Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Sub37
Moog minimoog Voyager
Dave Smith Prophet 12
Dave smith OB6
Nord Electro 4D
Dreadbox Erebus
Elektron Analog RYTM
Arturia Matrix Brute
Leipzig S
MFB Tanzbar

Maton EM325C acoustic guitar
Silvertone U1 electric guitar
Cordoba C5-CE nylon acoustic
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster

Fender hot rod deville 4x 12

Un-named Upright piano - full of charisma
Wurlitzer 200a
Fender Rhodes 73 suitcase
Steinway Upright piano (access to) 
Steinway Grand piano (access to) 
String quartet (access to)